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Advertising Campaigns



Experts in creating marketing and advertising tools for real estate developments

Epic is an award-winning real estate focused creative firm that specializes in residential and commercial real estate projects. We work closely with developers, architects, interior designers and project marketing teams to deliver brand experiences that are culturally and technologically relevant.

Our full array of services fall into four comprehensive solution categories

1. Brand Creation & Positioning

Branding has become an integral part of the real estate landscape. Developers, project marketing firms, individual projects and global hospitality brands have all realized the power of branding. Branding brings a sense of authenticity to a project while the project itself brings trust to the brand. The most memorable projects are continuously held in high regard and discussed as the new benchmark in real estate. Branding is a critical component of any real estate venture giving it colour, mood, and ultimately life. Epic has been fortunate and privileged to have created and worked with some of the most respected brands in the industry and we’re driven to make your project a success.


As brand creation experts, Epic partners with you to create brand attributes and positioning through a three step process:  Illumination > Envisioning > Brand Creation

2. Digital Marketing Tools

Epic has a proven track record in creating award winning digital solutions that achieve results. From lead generation and lead acquisition through our Epic Connect platform to our complete range of Digital Marketing Services that extend far beyond standard web design and email blasts, Epic can help you create fully interactive sensory driven digital platforms such as presentation centre kiosks and interactive station that are immersive to emotionally charged video productions and short films.  Through the utilization of our advertising platform (Epic Connect), we can deploy these digital elements to huge audience pools and maximize the capture rate of your potential customers with pin point accuracy and style.


Our digital marketing services include: Web Site Development > Internet Advertising and Digital Campaigns  > Interactive Stations + Video > Analysis & Reporting

3. Traditional Marketing Tools

Traditional marketing tools are here to stay. Epic’s mastery in creating beautiful and informative collateral tools is what made us famous. We will listen and understand your needs and create efficient yet effective sales tools that will present your brand in epic proportions while maintaining budgets through a thoughtful and clever design process.  From teaser ads in local publications and direct mail programs to gorgeously printed sales materials using the latest print technologies, Epic will maintain the highest standard of excellence in design and production.


Epic’s offer in traditional marketing tools cover a full spectrum of formats: Print Ad Designs > Print Collateral and Sales Tools > Bra

4. Onsite Marketing Tools

Proper execution of onsite marketing initiatives are critical to the success of a project. Experiential designs will boost desirability of your development and positively impact sales. Epic has over 15 years in creating a full range of onsite marketing tools including Presentation Centres fully equipped with large format graphic elements, interactive kiosks,  360º panoramic view stations, interactive floor plan displays, wayfinders, signage solutions and exterior graphic elements such as street signs, hoarding and billboards. Big or small, Epic conducts onsite surveys to review and plan graphics and signage potential and develop effective onsite advertising programs that grab attention.  Partnering with your sales team, architect and/or interior design firm, we will oversee your signage and display needs including production and fabrication to ensure that the brand and story is captured in every step of the customer experience.


The onsite marketing tools include: Presentation Centre Design > Specifications design and direction > Interactive Stations > Digital Display > Way finders and Signage > Hoarding and Billboards

We welcome new project inquiries – contact us or request a project proposal.



It all starts with a vision. Our creative ingenuity is limitless, our designs world-class. At Epic, we craft unique and compelling ideas that set your development apart. No conforming, no restrictions; only flexible thinking. Our concepts are developed holistically, bringing a refined and proven framework to each integrated marketing campaign and design process. We bring global exposure, insight and experience to every challenge, and always produce effective yet efficient creative solutions that are original, relevant and consistent across all touch points.


Harnessing the art of balance – form and function. Our designs meld both form and function. We listen, research, create and strategize – all while exploring countless possibilities – before we design a solution for your project. Through such critical analysis we create ways to best communicate the essence of your development and its differentiating characteristics. Our designs are bold and distinctive, a true visual representation of your project’s core attributes. Everything we do has both aesthetics and purpose in mind. We evoke a response within your target market while building brand equity through clarity and continuity of brand messaging.


Benefit of a real and obvious intent to exceed expectations. Effective and genuine designs are result-driven. In order to differentiate your project, we create design solutions tailored to your core values. We only recommend design strategies that are relevant and impactful, and that will generate measurable results. We are meticulous about quality control of the final product. You can trust the Epic team to create works of art that create desirability while meeting your marketing objectives


Conquer the shortcomings of traditional real estate sales tools with EPIC 3DX – an immersive, digital platform that packages all of your project data into one 3D environment that users can easily manipulate.


Breathe life into your project with our photorealistic 3D renders. Architects, developers and marketers know the value of breathtaking client presentations that evolve concepts into reality. We’d love to work on your next 3D project.


Our cutting edge three dimensional “Designs-In-Motion” virtual tours utilize the latest 3D technology to create vivid virtual worlds that allows ground-floor investors to experience their future home in exceptional detail.


The secret weapon for project marketers. Epic Connect seamlessly integrates with any advertising campaign and turbo charges your campaign’s reach and frequency through our massive inventory of premium websites locally and internationally.