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Epic is a dynamic real estate marketing firm that specializes in providing creative solutions for residential and commercial real estate developers and marketers. Our integrated branding, digital, print and onsite solutions are designed and proven to achieve results for our clients.


Epic understands the challenges faced by developers and marketers and has responded by offering efficient and effective creative processes for today’s demanding marketplace. Epic solutions reach beyond traditional venues and new media — our strategies have successfully adopted the latest technological innovations to offer maximum impact for real estate marketing.


We are a full-service creative agency whose name embodies everything we stand for. Since 2001 we have been providing integrated branding, marketing and design solutions, as well as interactive, digital and experiential designs for a global clientele. With experience and expertise in developing beautiful and memorable designs for premium brands and luxury products and services, we’ve become specialists in the art of luxury branding. As many of our clients have a global reach, we are accustomed to upholding an internationally recognized standard of quality and craftsmanship in our work. Built around our team of award-winning designers, strategic partners and service providers we work as one to translate our clients’ goals into results. For us, there is simply no other way to live up to our name.

Simon Chang
Principal and Chief Creative Director